nu age soul lyrics



What is the deal, with all of these fakers wanna be real sometimes but don't want to put in the time//

To make a change they want to see, and they still believe Twitter protesting is a//

Vital phase to waves for a movement all rooted in deceit

Problem is if I ever mention a percent of my thoughts, things get a brutal, you see//


It's become a sad sight in the world we live in, social media been boomin' this year with killings//

Too many bodies on the news got you rampaging, but what about the ones who never ever make it//

On that TV screen, it's like they don't even matter so disregard em' huh

A lives matter movement, I can't feel the ground shaking bruh

If you aint about that all lives equal cuz, dismiss yourself from the circle, bad vibes aint needed shon'//

Will you answer the call, if I were to ever fall, on my face hating the taste of trying to lead my own way//

Help a brother, help a brother out won't ya, I wanna work it out, wanna work it out 

For the benefit of my brothers and sisters of all creeds

Show the world love, that's what we all need//


I think it's just human nature (I think its just human nature)

Feeling like the Terminator (Woop!) 

Charging head on to the target, baby (Yeah)

Gotta keep the hate out, yeah//

What you tryna do right now (Right now)

Cuz' I dont wanna fool around right now

I'm tryna understand your mind

If you wanna make a change I would start right now, right now//


It's become a sad sight in the world we live in

My young brothers and sisters aint too privy to Bible in your heart, prayer on your tongue

Real life can be a fictional figment of ones desires//

Gotta light a fire to your buns don't I, too afraid to live in the moment//

Of making change cuz it requires action Michael Jackson vibes

Heal the world, let hope arise, it's a race against the ending time//

Will you answer the call, if I were to ever fall, on my face hating the taste of trying to lead my own way//

Help a brother, help a brother out won't ya, I wanna work it out, wanna work it out

For the benefit of my brothers and sisters of all creeds

Tryna show em Christ, that's who we all need//


Repeat hook 2x



I've been feeling like a million bucks, dude tryna still my joy

but it's everlasting this aint fiber glass kid, you's a silly boy//

Cuz anybody ever been around me knows Ima stay smiling in the face of adversity 

If I was a blind mind with no sight to write you'll tell me to write in cursive please//

Failures all you want from me, but it aint gon happen

If I fall Ima get back up and no sir, this aint magic, shon//

Steady tryna tear me down, steady tryna tear me down,

but I bear the soul of lion, yo what about now, shon//

And I'm just chillin' in my own space, but you gotta stick your whole face in my biz'

claiming it was our fate to have this debate, nah kid//

Always tryna bring ruin on me, thinking I'm doing it all for for the money funny

I could've swore a couple a seconds ago you robbed the church of all its money//

Preaching green pastures (green pastures) 

If you put a thousand dollars in the basket, God bon' bless ya (please)//

But when  my music touches the hearts and minds of your congregation, you start hating

Claiming my music was inspired by satan. 


This song was dedicate to the haters, who wish upon the stars that I will never make it//


All I know, is I'm really feelin' like I hit the lotto, yeah buddy

I'm feel in real blessed, nothing you could say can bring me down//

All I know, is I'm really feelin' like I hit the lotto, yeah buddy

You tryna kill my vibe but I'm on another high, oh you didn't know, oh well//


(Break it down. Verse 2 lets get it) 

Yo, you've been at me all day, you and pride need to part ways

I'm tryna live out this will homie, can we just parley

Cuz I'm really not tryna have a bad day, good vibes need that everyday

Tryna make small mistakes bigger than they really are, boy this ain't airplay//

Let me do a little checklist, man everything alright (Yup)

How's the wife and kids doin', are the dogs alright (Ah yeah)//

So why you gotta down every part of my whole life

Why am I focus when Jesus should be in your sights, (yup)//

Obviously you feel a way, about the tings I do

I could be ridin' ridin' a wave, and you take the moon//

I won't waste my time fooling with you

I got bigger fish to fry, your'e not on the menu (no no no)// 


Repeat pre-hook and hook. 



I don't wanna waste you time, I understand that you mess up, yes I do too

I just want to forget all these lies//

We gotta keep moving forward all because, girl I love ya

But my best friend keeps on tugging my ear//

Saying you gotta be kidding dude

This gotta be the fifteenth breakup fool//

No worries, we're meant for each other

I'm about to propose to my lover//

I'm just here tryna' rescue you

Her response is not gon' really be that cool//

Whatever, baby will you marry me

(Boy bye, you ain't got no money. Ha! I tried to tell ya)


Well I was warned about her, friends screamed and shouted

telling me all that she wanted was the dollar//

Using me up girl, draining my wallet, money's like a bad drummer, can't stay in the pocket//

She left for a superstar no doubt about it

I think this dude plays basketball for the Rockets//

Well this is how it all begins at the bottom



I can see myself, day to day, about ten years away from here

Providing for my family, doing what I love not taking it for granted//

Cuz' sometimes I get a afraid don't take the steps to make my dreams align with me

Gotta force fear into silence, quitting I straight up denied it//

Cuz' I never know who I can affect, can't focus on myself, all the time 

try to focus on my neighbor, show em love regardless of the flesh

Shaded in many colors but I choose to be blind to the exterior of the character

The heart's what I examine, tryna stray from them carriers//

You know them carriers who find a way in yo' book bag, whatever you're carrying

The goal is to carry it off, no explaining kid// (That's how it always starts) 


Hey young scholar, let me hold a dollar, got some news that'll make you wanna holla' 

Forget your problems cuz son they ain't nodda'// (Wait a minute, dude took my lava lamp man)

Broke man tryna give another broke man advise, on how to service his own solution, like you got it alright//

Man look here, here's a dollar for believing your knowledge is power// (Dialogue)

Yo I just asked for a dollar

Well this is how it looks when you start from the bottom// 


Ooh it's signing day, it's signing day, this is the day I might sign my whole life away

This is the day I might sign my eyesight away, every moral deplorable and the power to make a difference/

Defending men and women with purpose with demons lurking

Tryna live right but dang, shawty here twerkin'// 

Temptation never sleeps like a heart full of life

It's hard to keep that thang' on a leash, won't go down without a fight//

Can't own this soul aint your property (no)

I rather go broke than live silently//

Fast money is ash money, I ain't tryna look bummy

It would be funny like trying to tease a vicious Pooh with honey//

Sell the soul for a mill', lets make a deal partner, I can help you pay some bills//

Wait, that's all I'm really worth to you suckers

I got homies out on the street to show love to// (And here's a major part) 

God's who I follow, can't start without Him

If I ain't makin' progress I don't front about it

Grinding hard, gotta pay the bills, make the profit

I'm trying to make these moves lets get it poppin'//

Good God almighty, I get so excited to share with the people so ready to get to vibin'//

I will never ever forget where I came from

To get to the top gotta start from the bottom//



Life goes on: 

Some days seem to perfect, is Satan off his work shift

Nah, he's just waiting for the moment to own you take out your purpose

But it aint worth it, I'm sharper than nails, tough as the stone of the earth

This flesh boy, yeah I'm gon' merk it//

So what you caught me slippin', you should cherish that chance

If I learned my lesson, it probably won't happen again//

Shouts to my kinfolk, loving me when my wins low

Your a family that matters for real, so Winslow//

And I just wanna be what you are to me, a helping hand someone who understands you

And I don't wanna ever ever see you give up on dreams, that could change your life

That could make a new you//

I told myself that I could hold it down

But I can't do this by myself, man I should know by now//

When I feel like giving up on everything, this is what I sing//


When things don't turn out like they should what do you do

Never worry about it, understand

You're alive so try again//

Cuz life goes on and on and on and on and on (repeat)

Keep pushing on


Homie out here tryna keep up with the latest

shoes in the store, tryna swoon the ladies

Total disregard to the baby momma and the babies

It's time to pack up and go, keep it moving baby//

Trust and believe you gon' be alright

Don't let insecurity blurr your sight 

Trust in the Lord you gon' be just fine// 

Just be patient my friend

Quitting is never an option, even when you're down down

Life seems like a drunken mess, you cant take no more rounds

You just wanna pull the plug cuz you're getting no sounds 

From the friends you thought loved you, there no where to be found//

Stop depending on people

Just cling to that cross when you come from under that steeple

I was a born sinner, shon, I'm living the sequel

The road ahead is glorious I don't fear no evil



everybody knows:

Everybody knows, everybody knows

You ain't never seen what I've seen, or even imagine the pain of alleviating from time

consuming leeches tweaking my nerves man

Feeling like birdman//

Put some respeck' on my name and my grind

My passion my patience my time,

My heart bleeds through the pen, the paper has never not soaked one time//

And some folk really don't get it, I mean I'm on mission man

Yo I can't vibe with ya no more fam, well I'm gon' miss ya man//

I lost the chance to reach ya so I'm rebounding

Feeling like Denis Robman, Ima live life full throttle

Martinelli bottles up//


Everybody knows, what you think about me

This ain't easy to believe but you aint phasin' me none// (Not at all, not at all)

How do you live this way I don't know

I suggest you get your life right, focus on you//

This is for my haters, I sing this song for you (ah yeah) ((Repeat))


I was feeling like a desperado

If it wasn't for the fam and God, this shell would sure be hollow//

I sick of the cruel comments your commentary aint necessary not like it ever varies topics

God said don't do that, God said don't do this

Hol'up, you ain't even write this story//

Everyday I was stressing wondering why some people stained my name

Over here making moves for a kingdom and it's all in Jesus' name

So I'm not really concerned about what you're thinking 

better believe I'ma stay the same

I'ma just talk to you the way you're acting, while I sing//

Please y'all gotta stay calm

There's no reason for you eating all the crumbs off my plate if yours is

Right there, waiting to devoured

But instead you spend most ya hours on me, on me yeah

I guess you see my life is pretty rough (No they don't)//

But I'm all good long as I please my creator

The driving force in my bones, to blitz past you haters// 




Day and night, I try to fight off

The doubts arising from my falls//

Playing mind games with my brain

Trying to direct me into a different lane//

Trust and believe that I'ma stay coolin' now

Life is much more precious when you live in the now//

Why they tryna hit me with the past sins

The future's more attractive than the past tense//

I'm just gon' cruise on baby, I've cast away all my cares

Feelin fly so high so far from almost every fear//

Negative vibes, negative vibes, I've done away with them

But sometimes they keep on tryna knock me off my square

Proclaiming my future has nothing there, nothing there//


When I feel lost in thoughts of all of my wrongs

There's always a love I connect with, that reminds me don't sweat this//

You gotta do better

You gotta do better for yourself

It's all for the better

Please don't wreck yourself//


When everything seems fake

Wondering if I'm awake//

It's like this nightmare just decides

To trap me in these lies//

Tryna trick the mind of a brother ain't right

Failure to succeed never fit me right

Now I'm pushing forward gotta claim my prize//

Feeling like a weight has been lifted

I limit my limits//

I mold this life with every single word I say

That's why I stay aware of how I phrase my lines//

The master planned this, it's all fine and dandy//

When pressure makes the effort to sever ties with the better me

Ima make every effort to level the playing field to better me//

Ball is in my court now, goals are all I want now

Why think of a better then when I can have a better now// 




All of my passion is a reflection of the one I'm indebted to

All because you//


Been a bit of drought, right where my heart is

My soul has been covered in light, but I still fill the darkness//

Like cruising on a airplane only to find out that there is no pilot

That's what pride do to yo' mind, if you wanna learn, homie be silent//

Loving those good good days when I behold some

Youth of the world jotting these notes down//

Learning about the plan

You know it's on demand//

So I need more Lord, let that cup run over

With wisdom, lessons are a blessing

Ima take it in to just want more//

Seeking truth with these eyes

No disguise, ah ah ah

If I delight myself in you oh I'm in for a ride//

Life is what you make it

Man just trust in the creator, alright//


All of my passion is

A reflection of the one I'm indebted to

All because of you//

I want more (more) more (more)

Of your love, your grace on me

I want more (more) more (more)

More of you//


Sometimes I feel a little empty

Life is draining me simply by placing doubts in my earpiece 

Now it's on daily repeat//

Like don't waste your life, take your life

Man you crazy//

I'm only alive because the God who saved me 

Now I'm making music for his creation// (that's good)

I'm just counting my blessings one by one

This love is pretty impressive, it's the one//

That'll hold me down when I'm deep in doubt//

When I'm with you I'm on cloud nine

Because of your heart engulfing my soul

In all of your love, love//

I get jealous of the moon and the stars close to where you are

(Wait a minute fam) 

He ilves in your heart, that's good//

Life is what you make it 

Man just trust in the creator, alright//


I want more you

I want more you 

I want more you

I just want more of you, Jesus

Yes I do//