Diamond in the rough lyrics



Hook: Less talk, where the action yo If your a fraud, I say adios I'm a battleship to these paddle boats Using my gift bringing you some hope I'ma dream big real crazy, that's just how God made me yeah I'ma dream big real crazy, that's just how God made me ooh I'ma dream big real crazy, that's just how God made me yeah I'ma dream big real crazy, that's just how God//

V1: I can never lose the love, the passion in my heart (no no uh) For my calling, I can't be idle not playing my part, Gettin my hustle on putting smiles on faces, presenting joy in hopes you pray for better days yeah, (dont you quit), ooh it's plenty of good vibes to go around now, Ima be the catalyst helping you find your crown now Hook

V2: I thought I would fail at love again Until I fell in love again I was scared to really be myself Spending my days tryna be like someone else But that ain't me (that ain't me) I'm am a chosen one yeah To find other chosen sons and daughters ah yeah Reaching out for the ones in too deep, even the ones standing in two feet of water, drowning sorrow, the hope I have you can borrow I really wanna see you shining, we all know pressure makes diamonds, but it takes time to refine it till is shaped into its very finest form, forget about the normal, being you gone be strange to some, won't let you be great like Kobe or Bron, that's how it's gon be when you roll with the Son, Well I rather be a outcast and outlast the past tryna holding me back, Chasing dreams, loving my God, cuz I know he got my back, trust me I will never lack, my faith on swole I'll never slack, trust me I will never lack, my faith on swole I'll never slack






I got that flavor, even when the world counts me out, that taste I savor yeah, because it’s God given, don’t gotta be flossy, Holy Ghost keeps me saucy, ain’t no time to be salty, that’s folly, just remember this about me, I got that


Flavor, real good stuff baby, tastebuds they could never get enough baby, Chef life in the yo cookin up baby, making music that’ll really pick you up baby/ if you feelin down, this should lift you up, the Lord came down from heaven way up above, just to show the whole world that he really loves, even gave us the recipe to replicate the same love, that must mean



Flavor, the savior is the reason that I came up in this game despite the haters and instigators, came a long way use to be a faker, now I’m too too too focused (yeah), full full speed ahead no slowing down, gotta gotta share the truth no choking up, tryna see all my people level up, le-le level up (oh)/ better believe it, doing this for a kingdom, doin it cuz I’m free from the past that kept me from my freedom, tryna be a beacon of hope in a dark place, that’s something we sometimes all face, that’s why I’m so grateful for grace man, I cling so close to this faith man, it’s what keeps me up when I feel like I can’t stand, you know it, this life is my one chance so I can’t blow it, no I can’t blow it uh, (woo!)




You were born a fighter you gotta stay, never give up on your desires keep that fire burning 

even when life gets topsy turvy, that will never can’t keep you from, if money’s getting low don’t you worry, God’s got greater things in store, listen//


HOOK: featuring Mary Pagdett

No them dollar bills don’t make me don’t make me/

my worth is in the one who made me who made me/

So thankful, for breath and even being able to play my part

free to be myself, losses often come, but victory’s never far//


This is a song for the champions, just stick to your guns you’ll come out (winning)

This song’s for the champions



When everything’s crumbling around you it feels like ya never,

like this faith is nonsense, but it takes time to grow never settle

Down for whatever, life is really so much better

Never giving up not ever, embrace the lessons from your endeavors

Indeed bro, that’s the key though, for growth in this life, you begin to behold

A tougher foundation formulation around where your feet go

A firm ground to stand on, gotta reach out for the people/

Ima tough shell to crack now humpty dumbty is no equal

Chosen one with a passion just wanna make it to the sequel

Sharing the joy in faith over evil

Singing a song victory praises to the regal//


This is the song for the champion who stuck to their guns, came out


Don’t you ever doubt you got this, keep pressing on no stopping

Fix your eyes on prize, focus, stay focused/ 

Realize you’re a champion, you have the willpower to carry on

No need to fight battles already won, that’s all thanks to the holy one//






Devil you’s a liar, you will never ever douse the fire

Burning deep inside me this desire to change the world before I expire//



Gotta stay charged up, for when I’m bombarded, with evil thoughts yeah, and failure calling, but I won’t answer I’m too busy busy busy, tryna spread a lil’ love a lil’ hope in my city city city, all around the globe is where is I wanna go this ain’t no lie, I rather cultivate culture than be confined cuz’ that’s nonsense, Gotta go where the Lord leads, can’t let the enemy sway or detour me, this is my calling, take this L, get salty cuz//


HOOK (2x)



I’m been on a roll now, shake n bake it embarrassing foes now hmm

Lucy comin for my soul now, we already know how this go down

you don’t really want these problems (nope) I got the solution that can solve em (dope) 

and it doesnt involve catching these hands, but putting my trust in the man with the plan, power you can’t withstand/

I know you ain’t diggin it Lucy, the ink on them pages bearing tomorrows hope and you bout to lose it when I use it to refute you every truth computed the outcome, you are the loser

I’m super ruthless when it comes to you you never deserve time to make me the fool fool, gotta throw up the deuce deuce, speeding off with a clear view while you remain in rear view/ 

touching the hearts of men and women, hope and love poured into every lyric 

revealing that freedom was given when the son was risen, don’t you dare believe you’re not good enough for forgiveness

you were born to be a winner, even if you were born a sinner, you just gotta look him in the face and remind that joker//


HOOK (2x)


god be with me


Everyday is a battle yeah, you either get knocked off the horse or stay on the saddle yeah, people judge but don’t even own a gavel yeah, they point the finger when your face hits the gravel/

but what about the skeletons in your closet, didn’t know you were perfect that was only one person to be honest, you need grace like me too

don’t get it twisted nah, I’m the definition of a believer in having faith to dismiss every wicked thought, self control



I ain’t got no time give up now, to anything not good for my health

looking to the hills even when I’m under pressure, cuz I know that’s where cometh my help/ 

the world gon tempt me, but God be wit me, the world gon tempt me, but God be wit me

fighting the good fight of faith and this truth remains

the world gon tempt me, but God be wit me/


Get yo paper, stack it up, blow it fast, now you stuck, that’s society depriving people from being great, planting these lies of a good life while some are in a weak mental state/

but I got some good news, you don’t have be confused or be seduced but be amused at the fact you’ve been preapproved to introduce the hope deep down inside of you

you can make an impact don’t let mistakes make you stifle,

encourage yourself, trust the Lord, stand firm like a tower, Eiffel/

I gotta be the best me even when temptation wanna test the kid

speed away from it like a jet ski, aint tryna fuel that flame ya dig, 

not foolin myself in abusing grace, there was a price for that privilege

we all have our own race to run, but it still takes a village/ 

to help each other, be a shoulder to lean on, 

even at your lowest still continue to dream on, 

cuz ain’t no sin to great, all has been forgiven

we’ve been granted power to avoid the repetition




young blood

Shooting past the stars ignoring these doubters, Too way up to be down yeah, and they will never ever ever ever see me cower, doin all that I can with young blood, young blood, young blood/ 



I feel right, don’t kill the vibe, I’m tryna be a light in the darkest of the night night night night/

when there’s no one else around, head high feet on the ground, makin all my moves yeah at the same time I’m just groovin, to the beat of my own drum/

I follow another rhythm, I operate with precision, Ima solidify my position, if ima be great Im gon be different/

Thats just how you do it, let the passion be the music that’ll always keep you moving, hold tight don’t you ever lose it



Shooting past the stars ignoring these doubters, Too way up to be down yeah, and they will never ever ever see me cower, doin all that I can with young blood, young blood, young blood/ I refuse to be weighted down, no stopping now cuz of young



Young blood takin no short cuts, working for I want on my best conduct,

putting in hours and I’m still pursuing young love, doin this for the future, even if the road gets rough

synchronizing my hope with the goals I’m pursuing, focusing on the Lord always gotta be prudent, any wicked way in me I know He gon remove it,

don’t need no distractions making music of a movement

started off with pocket change, now I’m making change, on these records Ima keep real like I was charlamegne 

ain’t tryna be same, ima go against the grain, rappers just wanna make a rain but it’s so mundane, 

that’s why I stay in my own lane, focusing on and following Yahweh, y’all can have it y’all way,

Investing in my future plus I got the plug, no better time than while I got young blood//




show what you got


Swimming deep in that water, immersed in my hopes dreams, it’s ocean it’s ocean wide, putting some things in order, deafen myself to emotions schemes, nobody gets in my noggin/ 

I made a pact with my conscience, that I’ll always strive to be honest, never sell my soul for that profit, all the sauce I got it, can’t tell me nothing nah, good God He got me bubblin, the love that keeps me truckin on




The world wants you to fail but but you not

It’s hard to live the best life here no lie, hmm

Still gotta let the people see just what you got, just what you got/

If You can make it through the pain, you won’t come out the same, so amazing, blazing

Gotta give all you got, make them moves don’t stop, gotta show what you got, gotta show what you got



I forget my options, when I feel like I lost my way, I do that often, I gotta take charge of life someway, feelin like a martian that’s how far I feel I drift away, I’m just being honest, I’m just being honest

But I will never stay that way oh no no no, every single distraction has to go for me to grow, puttinG in work like I’m going for gold, I promise you’ll get that vibe when you hear this flow

passion is the medicine, let it in now, let it bring things to remembrance, to where you been and where your going


HOOK (2x) 


diamond in the rough


What a what a what a good feeling, all in these bones, I can’t shake it can’t conceal it, joy unspeakable living life with no ceilings, I can’t contain my smile yes I’m all up in my feelings, all up in my feelings 

cuz God’s done a work in your boy now, now I’m making super funky records reppin for the Lord now, 

you may not dig the message but I see they still rockin and bobbin to the song now, 

I’m only here to give ya good vibes to heal your soul now, to heal your soul now



I was under pressure, always living life super reckless, wore that sin on me on like a necklace (true), but then the God man made the investment to see the best in me, now everyday I’m living better



Diamond in the rough y’all, I was I was just a diamond in the rough y’all (diamond in the rough)

Diamond in the rough y’all, I was I was just a diamond in the rough y’all (diamond in the rough)

Diamond in the rough y’all, I was I was just a diamond in the rough y’all (diamond in the rough)

Diamond in the rough y’all, I was I was just a diamond in the rough y’all (diamond in the rough)



Potential to shine bright, I knew I had it, a hand was reaching out to the dirt, I just had to grab it, the passion was brewing deep inside, no point in hiding it or denying it, but I was too busy tryna be the flyest,

I was the pious kid playing with fire entertaining evil desires that never required,

my attention not even mention, there was no ascension but descension, had to put my pride in detention, 

crave change like you want it, once you grab ahold you gotta own it, Satan don’t condone it, but who really cares, he’s your opponent 

the master is shaping you be a wonderful work a masterpiece, don’t you give up, if you get knocked down you better get up, you’ve got too much to do to be a quitter


Pre-hook into HOOK



Feeling so amazing feeling so incredible, 

Love is what I always needed as if it were medical, medical grateful for the chance to get it right, and the chance to shine a little bit of light, in a world that needs it//